Safein is a Single Sign-On Digital Identity and Payment Wallet

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We often have to do the same thing with data when registering on a website related to KYC verification, and usually it takes time. This is where the efficiency occurs, because each web or platform requires different types of verification and the time it takes to become differentiated each web is different. imagine if you follow and want to register on 10 web ICO and each require us to fill KYC form how long our time not become efficient. besides, is there any control over the personal data we send?

Safe in provides solutions to the above problems.


About Safein
Safein is a single sign-on digital wallet ensuring security, comfort and trust for our clients.


Safein addresses today’s problems in e-commerce and cryptocurrency transactions by offering a single-click sign-in, verification and payments functionality.

For user, Safein means:

  • No more registrations in multiple websites;
  • No more waiting to get KYC done for each site / ICO;
  • Trusted, convenient and quick payments in fiat and cryptos;
  • Enhanced privacy, cybersecurity and data protection;
  • Revolutionary referral program with token rewards.

For merchants, Safein brings:

  • Enhanced trust and increased conversion rates;
  • Reduced customer support costs;
  • Free KYCs;
  • Lower cryptocurrency and fiat transaction costs;
  • Lower compliance costs and risks as well as buyer protection.


Safein is a game-changer because of:

  • Ability to easily solve the delays, crypto payments and multiple account management problems in e-commerce;
  • Free of charge user verification and data protection services complying with applicable regulations;
  • Exceptional focus on easiness of use, integration and cybersecurity;
  • Tokenized platform business, where everyone benefits from being part of the network;
  • Revolutionary referral growth model, consisting of a Referral, Registration and Login token pools.

Safein’s growth roadmap is based on:
Establishing our user base by moving from sector to sector and improving user experience in such sectors: first in crypto business, gaming, financial services, then moving to e-commerce and widespread adoption.


Safein (SFN) Token Distribution
Total Supply : SFN Token


Distribution Percent Token
Pre ICO 2.25% 22,500,000
ICO 30% 300,000,000
Company reserve, vesting over 3 years with 6 month cliff, first bach after 12 months 36.75% 367,500,000
Safein Team & Advisor with 6 months lock period 10% 100,000,000
Safein Registration Pool 10% 100,000,000
Safein Referral Program 5% 50,000,000
Safein Aidrop 1% 10,000,000
Safein Login Pool 5% 50,000,000



Safein Token Sales Event :

Pre ICO : 
The Safein ICO will be raising a total of 2,000 ETH in a public Pre-ICO in order to cover costs of MVP development as well as marketing, administrative and legal expenses. Pre-ICO will be run on a smart contract and tokens will be distributed right after the ICO ends.
Start date: 3rd of April at 13:00 UTC . The Pre-ICO will last for 14 days or until the Pre-ICO cap is reached — 2,000 ETH. 22,500,000 SFN tokens will be sold at Pre-ICO.
  • Stage #1, where initial 12,000,000 SFN tokens will be sold at the rate of 1 ETH = 12,000 SFN tokens, and
  • Stage #2, where 10,500,000 SFN tokens will be sold at the rate of 1 ETH = 10,500 SFN.
The main ICO will be launched on the 25th of April 2018 at 13:00 UTC. The Softcap (inc. the Pre-ICO) is set to 6,000 ETH, Hardcap — 40,000 ETH. A total of 322,500,000 (322.5 Million) SFN tokens (32.25% of the total supply) will be sold during the crowdfunding of the Safein platform.

SFN token distribution rates

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Safein Roadmaps

Screenshot 1 - Safein is a Single Sign-On Digital Identity and Payment Wallet

Safein Team

Screenshot 3 - Safein is a Single Sign-On Digital Identity and Payment Wallet


Screenshot 4 - Safein is a Single Sign-On Digital Identity and Payment Wallet

Safein Offial Link :

Author verification :
ETH : 0x6eA0005d4ad47503Cce9B0185dE0585fB37a6db9


Safein Whitepaper

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