AERON – Blockchain for Aviation Safety

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Aeron - AERON - Blockchain for Aviation Safety


Aeron a new security solution Air saving lives worldwide. Their goal is to create “company Aerial in the pocket “of facilitating business related to air transport and travel.

According to the UN, young contribute around 180 billion dollars a year in tourism revenue. The uncertainty economic becomes the norm, young are very interested in exploring the world. Each individual East a other way to save the world.

tourism becomes most quickly industry in the world and air transport plays a role essential in supporting this sector. analysis conservative watch than Aviation supports 892.4 billion dollars of activity economic in the tourism industry.



The objective from Aeron is to build payment gateways next generation with a world that allows people to use tokens Aeron to reserve tickets or rent a plane for you – even. Aeron also has applications in the real world because it can be considered as a means of payment for small aircraft types or holiday flights, owners of planes already signed for a partnership agreement with Aeron.

another goal is the safety of users using users Aeron can find information on aircraft and pilot rating with transparent, so the theft of user will comfortable and safe.

How Aeron will it function? 

The Aeron team their own words aim to create a “company Aerial in a pocket. “They intend to use technology blockchain to improve accountability for pilots end suppliers.

pilots Aeron will use access to a pilot application. using this application, they will be able record the flight time. There is also a Application of the company that will used to record the data of the flight schools, companies aerial and parts suppliers. With these data, aviation authorities will easily check the security information of a plane or a driver. For example identify if a driver has enough flight time connected or if they are allowed pilot East expired is easy using the blockchain.

consumers would also able to access data using the website or a Aerotrips application. it their would test safety a company Aerial or a pilot before flying with them. By making it easier for consumers to check security companies air, they would more incentive to ensure high quality safety standards. it should help reduce the incidence of accidents.

The purpose for Token RNA 

Aeron will firstly in use in ecosystem Aereon. However, the team Aeron thought that RNA could token become the symbol predominant industry aeronautics. if the massive size of the industry is considered aviation if the token RNA is able to reach even a piece part relatively This low value, expected to increase in value.



Aeron (RNA), a set based ERC20 on Ethereum Blockchain, with a fixed supply of 100 million RNA. During the launch of the token, a fixed number of RNA East created and, subsequently, no more token is created. evidence Flight utilities have summer created to finance the development and marketing of Aeron projects with databases distributed online portals and applications.

From 100,000,000 token, 60% will go to fund-raising during the ICO period. Then, up to 20% will be distributed for the growth and development of the Aeron platform.18% of the total tokens will be awarded to the founders and administration of the Aeron platform, and the rest to 2% for the administration fee.




aEron%2Broadmap - AERON - Blockchain for Aviation Safety


  • Artem Orange CEO
  • Nadezhda Barkanova CTO
  • Konstantin Gertman CDO
  • Ruslan Zholik Architect
  • Ali Badeea Business Development MEA
  • Dmitri Prokopenko Business Development China
  • Andreas Fleischer Business Development Europe
  • Kateryna Starcheus Product Designer
  • Pavel Liplianin Product Manager
  • Kirill Kazakov Customer Experience Analyst
  • Anastasia Moroz Community Manager
  • Maria Shirokova Public Relations Manager


ETH Public Adress : 0x14B7d79aa1FF857ef7C4e414db8e7937c4c39bB6

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