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How to Create a Wallet on TRON’s Explorer

To participate in the voting process for the TRON Super Representative election and register for the Super Representative candidate, you must first create a...
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Hive Power Build Decentralized Energy Communities Secured by the Blockchain

Energy electricity is something that can not be separated from human life, almost every modern human activity today requires electrical energy. Thus the need...
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Binance the first exchange to democratize NEO GAS distribution

Binance, an international multi-language cryptocurrency exchange, has been in thick of cryptocurrency big news recently. On 28th June, Binance announced to enlist Theta token on its platform. Today, Binance...
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World Bit Bank – The World’s First Legal Cryptocurrency Bank

The World Bit Bank (WBB) project is an extraordinary project, a project that will combine and integrate the development of technological blockchain into the...
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eHarvestHub – The Decentralization of the Food Supply Chain Has Begun

Since Blockcain technology has penetrated almost all lines, many ICO projects are booming for a variety of startups that may not be fully applicable...
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Block Bank – First Fully Licensed Blockchain Bank

at the beginning found cryptocurrency is a strange thing and not even a few people who are sceptical about this. But nowadays along with...
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TRON Partners With VSport Ahead Of Russia FIFA World Cup

Both the Tron (TRX) Project and the world of Football (Soccer) received a major boost today when vSport became the newest organization to partner...
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MIT Researchers Developing BTC Lightning Network With Smart Contracts

The reasearchers are exploring the application of smart contracts on LN to add greater complexity to the scaling solution. MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative began...
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Ecoinomic – Financial Service Platform Based on Blockchain Technology is a digital platform providing traditional financial services to cryptocurrency holders. Its premiere service is fiat loans backed by crypto collateral. Introduction
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UMKA – 50 UMK (5$) per telegram and twitter | LIMIT 5000 participants

UMKA is a decentralized labor market and one of the first projects based on the EOS technology. UMKA features a friendly environment that provides all...
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