BITCOIN Potential network disruption

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Chain split
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Since the establishment of Bitcoin, its network has contributed to hundreds of millions of transactions. Thus, different groups (developers, investors, entrepreneurs, etc.) have debated the best way to optimize the bitcoin so that it can be further indexed. In recent months, alternative software, which represents some of the benefits of the above-mentioned population, has been released – software that is scheduled to take effect at the end of July.

The Bitcoin block chain is by far the record of all Bitcoin transactions, depending on the network of thousands of Bitcoin nodes running Bitcoin software. August 1, 2017 07:00:00 GMT + 0700 (Altai Standard Time), Bitcoin chain may encounter the so-called chain split. This is when part of the Bitcoin node runs the software, the other part of the node is not fully compatible. As a result, some nodes may propagate confirmation transactions that other nodes may not accept or recognize. This may lead to unreliable confirmation of time uncertainty. This means that any bittotes you receive during this period may disappear from your wallet, or one type of bitcoin that other people will not accept until the situation is resolved.

Once the situation is resolved, confirm that the score will automatically return to normal reliability, otherwise there will be two (or more) competing versions of Bitcoin as a result of split block chains. In the former case, you can normally return the use of Bitcoin; in the latter case, you will need to take additional steps to start safely receiving the bit currency again.

This article currently describes actions for this situation. After Tuesday, August 1, 2017 07:00:00 GMT + 0700 (Altai Standard Time), we will update this article as much as possible and provide relevant information, but it is also advisable to monitor other Bitcoin news sites and community resources for Update and cross check all information because someone might try to spread false messages to take advantage of this situation.

Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the safety of your Bitcoin, and if you lose control for any reason, the operator or contributor of this website will not be able to assist you.

Note: There will be a better degree of damage from now until August 01, 2017 07:00:00 GMT + 0700 (Altai Standard Time). If this is the case, this article will update the details.


If you accept Bitcoin as a payment, we recommend that you stop paying for Bitcoin at least 12 hours prior to 07:00:00 GMT + 0700 (Altai Standard Time) on August 1, 2017, although 48 hours before 24 hours may be more secure The Before the event occurs, this will provide time for all pending payments to confirm the bit currency block chain.

If you send Bitcoin as a payment, please note that many services may stop accepting Bitcoin on August 1, 2017 at 07:00:00 GMT + 0700 (Altai Standard Time) or earlier.

Be careful to store your bitmaps on a switch or any service that does not allow you to make a local backup copy of the private key. If they accept the transaction during the event, they may lose money and may spread these losses among all users. If the final is two or more competing versions of the bitcoin, then they may refuse to give you your bit currency, they do not like the version.

Bitcoin may encounter significant price fluctuations associated with other currencies. Learn more about price volatility and make sure you do not have more bit currency, rather than bear the loss.

During the activity

Do not trust any payment you received after August 17, 2017 07:00:00 GMT + 0700 (Altai Standard Time) until the situation is resolved. No matter how much new payment is confirmed, it can disappear from your wallet until the situation is resolved.

Try not to send any payment. There may be two or more different types of bitcoils during the event, and you can send all the different types of messages to only one type of recipient. This will benefit your cost recipients.

Be wary of the benefits that allow you to “divide” the results of your coin investment events. Some of them may be scam, and software that claims to split coins may also be stolen.

After the event

We will update this part after August 17, 2017 07:00:00 GMT + 0700 (Altai Standard Time). Please monitor this page accordingly and wait for multiple news sources that you trust, indicating that the event has been resolved and then returning to normal Bitcoin use.

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