Bitcoin Price May Surge as Italian Banks Send Alarm Signals for Europe

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Screenshot 3 - Bitcoin Price May Surge as Italian Banks Send Alarm Signals for Europe
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Greece and Cyprus after the new European banking rules are likely to limit the national action of the Italian peninsula to send an alarm signal.

On June 25, the Italian government officially resided with two medium-sized mutual aid banks – the banks of Di Vicenza polare and Veneto Banca Bank – on the brink of bankruptcy, found no investors in the market to help them after.

This situation is caused by investors in Europe to question the security of the banking system. The Cyprus Bank rescues an unprecedented set of attributes

In 2013 led to a significant soaring price of Bitcoin, as investors sought a safe haven and gained liquidity. Has not yet seen a smoother future how it will affect the bank rations of the LTE rnative financial system presented by cryptocur.

Bank of Venice’s rescue costs are high
The Italian state will invest € 478 billion in the table nor npaolo that is the joint commercial bank, the nation’s first retail bank, took over the two banks. Pierre Calo Padon, Minister of Economy, said the public was assured that the total cost of the deal could reach as much as 100 million € 17, the deterioration of the COVER credits for both banks.

The two banks’ heroic rescue carried out by the government, the Italian public funds refore, and not by a European institution. The rescue could allow Italy to settle the crisis in its own galaxy, the oldest in the Italian banking sector, which accounts for about one-third of the total euro area.

What must be Abid from the rescue that this is the hero mpossible to IDATE without calling the taxpayer’s money, these songs are two banks. The Italian situation also shows BRRD (Bank Recovery and Resolving Di rective), which is based on the principle that public funds are not allowed to help with poorly managed banks. It is not without regret at all those camps who want to break the relationship between the state and the bank.

Bankruptcy of the People ‘s Bank
Santander bought a symbol of the collapse of the Spanish People’s Bank SA after the euro. The Group guarantees that the business of the affected People’s Bank does not have the continuity of deposits. This is the first successful test of the bankruptcy of the European Banking Union.

The announcement ended the suspense, during which the management of the problem banks sought a solution to solve their liquidity problems for several weeks. This situation has become an independent NSU inable, while the People’s Bank of the hero plunged into the spiral stock market, seeing its market capitalization at the Madrid Stock Exchange fell from € 270 million to € 140 million a week.

Thus becoming popular with the new European mechanism created by the spread of countries aimed at preventing the banking crisis from rescuing the first bank. When the operation stipulates that the shareholders suffer heavy losses, sell it to a rantee ask about the security of the deposit and the continuity of business activities. “Welcome to the People’s Bank of China’s customers,” Anna announced the Bodan, president of the Santander Group, in social media. “Truly will strive to provide them with the best service in this transitional period and the future.”

With regard to the draft resolution in the last few days that the government of the financial stability of Spain, the Minister of Economy, Louis King more stressed that there was no medical rescue operation with Bankia Bank. In 2012, Jindus to participate in the € 2.24 billion public funds, market mobilization caused the country’s solvency expressed doubts.

This time, the minister pointed out that “the operation of the public is in the absence of funds and no sovereignty and the risk of any infection.” The current situation is that 2012 is very different due to the good health of the entire financial industry and the Spanish economy in general. “

Bank rescue came back
While all the money is spent on improving troubled banks in the past, some countries such as Portugal and Italy are still facing financial instability, as the local economy continues to struggle with taxpayers to continue to inject capital is necessary.

Another public bailout is in Italy that is preparing the Montana Paschi, the fourth Italian bank. The bailout plan in state aid, which will officially receive the European Commission announced the infusion of € 660 soon.


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