bitcoin prices under pressure and below $ 8000, making the value of cryptocurrencies down $ 60 billion

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Screenshot 4 - bitcoin prices under pressure and below $ 8000, making the value of cryptocurrencies down $ 60 billionBitcoin fell on Monday for four times the third time under a trademark of $ 8,000, with over-sales in encrypted currencies that earned more than $ 60 billion in market fixes in the middle of the 24 hour period.

Bitcoin’s price was $ 7,598.20 on Monday and $ 8,000 in eastern trading, CoinDesk claims. This is the lowest price for Bitcoin since November 18th in the price index CoinDesk and Bitcoin Bitcoin exchange rates Bitstamp, Coinbase, ITbit and Bitfinex.

Friday for the first time since November 24th. Bitcoin has fallen below $ 8,000. It then rose to more than $ 9,000 a weekend, and fell below € 8,000 on Sunday.

It was not just Bitcoin, which also dropped. In the last 24 hours, other major virtual currencies, including volatile and wavy currencies, have fallen sharply. Market capitalization, or total market value, fell, according to, at around 11:30 London time (06:30 ET) on cryptocurrency on Monday, amounted to $ 365.27 billion. It is about 67.7 billion. Dollars within 24 hours.

regulatory issues
The digital currency world suffers from worrying headlines.

Stricter regulation was the main factor in price. Indian Finance Minister Arunas Jaitaly said last week that the country would use the digital currency to “erase” criminal activity, to tighten regulation of signal transmission across the country.

“In the future, related (platform), it will be closed as it is. At the same time, further regulatory measures will be taken to address the future development situation,” Financial News reported.

Big Banks are also beginning to restrict the use of their services to purchase crypto-books. Lenders from the UK Lloyds Banking group said on Monday that people did not want to use cryptographic transactions to buy credit cards. Switch to US banks J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup, which introduced the same policy last week.

Other concerns weigh on the digital currency market, in particular the cryptographic currency, called “attache”. Some experts have proposed this binding measure, which is enshrined in the United States. Dollars can be created to maintain bat prices.

Bitcoin $ 100,000 come?
Nevertheless, there are cynical votes on the market.

The Tomas Lee Foundation Trat, the only big Wall Street strategist who announces the official target price of Bitcoin, said in January that $ 9,000 was the “underlying weakness” of Bitcoin and “the highest buying potential in 2018. “”

Last week, Lee released another report, which kept $ 25,000 in the Bitcoin target.

And Kay Van Petersen, an analyst at Saxo Bank, predicts the early cryptocurrency rally in 2017 right, CNBC said that Bitcoin could recently reach between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 this year.

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