Bitcoin Value Drops Below $2,000 as Crypto Markets Fall Toward $70 Billion

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The price of Bitcoel today touched a 49-day low, which was below $ 2,000 for the first time in a wide range of overdue sales of encrypted assets.

The total supply value of all encrypted and encrypted assets is also tracked to $ 72 billion, 37% higher than last year’s high of $ 117 billion.

In general, the data observed from Bitcoin and the overall hidden security market is the lowest since late May. In addition, the asset class in the publication of the 24-hour span fell by 11%, of which about $ 9 billion worth.

Screenshot 3 - Bitcoin Value Drops Below $2,000 as Crypto Markets Fall Toward $70 Billion

After the investigation, the response analysts believe that since 2017 has experienced rapid appreciation of the market short-term concerns fell.

Others point out that the ongoing debate on the Bitcoin technology roadmap and the uncertainty surrounding the planned upgrade are likely to be possible.

“As the August 1 expiration date, it may be because people who do not like to hold Bitcoin,” Andrea Medri (Andrea Medri) that the currency exchange exchange founder Rocky Exchange (Colo Desk) Said.

The fact is that the support of the recent ICO project economic support, the ether market by the same pressure on the impact of sales.

However, others believe that given the influx of relatively new traders in recent months, this may be a sign of market fatigue.


Seng Mangan
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