Block Bank – First Fully Licensed Blockchain Bank

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Screenshot 17 - Block Bank - First Fully Licensed Blockchain Bank

at the beginning found cryptocurrency is a strange thing and not even a few people who are sceptical about this. But nowadays along with the increasing adoption of Cryptocurrency which almost touches all aspects of human life today.

Many people believe that Cryptocurrency will turn the fiat currency one day, and a project that will bring us closer to it is Block Bank

What is Block Bank

Block Bank is a banking system based on cryptocurrency, which provides solutions to the weakness of Conventional Banking, so that customers can get all the advantages of Block Bank, among others:

  • Transparency and immutability Changes to public blockchains are publicly viewable by all parties creating transparency, and all transactions are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted or recovered
  • Low cost By eliminating third party intermediaries and overhead costs for exchanging assets, blockchains have the potential to greatly reduce transaction fees.
  • Faster transactions Interbank transactions can potentially take days for clearing and final settlement, especially outside of working hours. Blockchain transactions can reduce transaction times to minutes and are processed 24/7
  • Pseudonymity All transactions being added to a single public ledger, any wallet addresses is random characters that cannot intrinsically be associated with a specific individual. This enables a high degree of privacy when required.
  • Security and integrity Blockchain is maintained by a large network of participants, no one actor can easily gain enough influence to submit a fraudulent transaction or successfully alter recorded data. Users can trust that transactions will be executed as the protocol commands removing the need for a trusted third party.
  • High quality data Blockchain data is complete, consistent, timely, accurate, and widely available.


Excess Block Bank against Similar Projects

  • Block Bank is the first Business to Business (B2B) based on Cryptocurrency, they offer Lending Not to Individuals, but to Companies with a clear record. thus enabling to gain a very profitable business development level.
  • Partner Code Users can make up to 30% commission by connecting people in their network to Block Bank with a partner code
  • Token backed by real assets
  • Token holders earn 80% of block bank net profits

Blockbank Roadmap :

Screenshot 15 300x96 - Block Bank - First Fully Licensed Blockchain Bank
Block Bank Token Sales
Screenshot 19 1 300x120 - Block Bank - First Fully Licensed Blockchain Bank
  • PreSale – one token price: 0.2$ HardCap =10 000 000 tokens (2 000 000$)
  • PreIC0 – one token price: 0.5$ HardCap = 100 000 000 tokens (50 000 000$)
  • «Bonus* only on PreICO&ICO: depends on tokens amount per 1 user, prize pool – 30 000 000 tokens
  • ICO – one token price: 0.6$ HardCap = 500 000 000 tokens (300 000 000$)
  • Bounty prize pool – 30 000 000 tokens
  • Team+Advisory Board: 20% of raised CAP on preSale, pre-ICO, ICO stages (HardCAP: 134 000 000 tokens) 
  • TOTAL MAXIMUM SUPPLY 804 000 000 
Screenshot 20 300x273 - Block Bank - First Fully Licensed Blockchain Bank

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Block Bank Whitepaper


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