Coindash ICO hacker invading: Start stop ICO, Issue a statement

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cd - Coindash ICO hacker invading: Start stop ICO, Issue a statement
12 coindash - Coindash ICO hacker invading: Start stop ICO, Issue a statement

CoinDash plans to begin today’s bold admiration for ICO. The author is reviewing CCN’s sister site Hacked, when we know there is a hacker. Therefore, we have not properly reviewed the ICO. However, some people did send an Ether error address.
The author is in some way unfamiliar with the preview of the platform, or something:

In a statement, CoinDash wrote in three languages:

Unfortunately, in our token sales campaign, we suffered a hacker attack. During the attack, $ 7 million was stolen by the currently unknown perpetrators. CoinDash token sales received $ 6.4 million from our early contributors and whitelist participants, and we appreciate your support and contribution. […] CoinDash’s vision, product and team will continue to live. We will be quick to recover and we will create the future of the deal. […] Remind: We are still being attacked. Do not send any ETH to any address because the token sales have been terminated.

More and more ICOs have experienced fraud and attacks because people have realized that new entrants may soon be assigned to any number of Ethereum. People with a few ICO jointly sent the wrong address, although ICO behind the start-up enterprises irresponsible, but others may also do so. This is the nature of the business in an implicit space.

What’s worse is that some ICOs are actually scam, just like the recent, which promises that prostitution can not stop feds, but also promise to become a “pimp” from every token People, suppliers and buyers. This is ridiculous, but how does the law interpret it as a token holder. Such a platform may have been useful in prostitution that has been lawful jurisdictions, but given the two people who say they are in Silicon Valley, it seems more likely to be a scam.

The nature of ICO’s rapid funding is undoubtedly attractive to scammers as a chance to get quick and profitable funding from uninformed investors. One of the strategies used is to hijack e-mail addresses and then tell people that they should send coins to this address if they want to sell as soon as possible. Facts have proved that this is not official, and in most cases it has been successful. This is the other way – in the case of coins, today, their entire site was hacked.

Hope that the community will do better for the progress of governance itself.


Seng Mangan
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