DOVU – Blockchain Powered Mobility

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dovu - DOVU - Blockchain Powered Mobility
Dovu Aims to create Blockchain-based technological ecosystems to create an economic circle where data is as fuel.

Dovu uses Cryptocurrency to share data between consumers with mobility service, where with dovu you can provide access to your travel data to the company about where you are driving, where you travel, Thus you can generate or indirectly you get paid to drive your car. Imagine your car to pay for your journey. Imagine that you will get all the data created and shared. Imagine that these rewards can be used for tourism, services and global transportation. Imagine that these data are used to further improve mobile services and strive to ensure the flow of goods and people in our cities. The application of this technology will change the way we think about data and liquidity. For example, in an automated car, insurance considerations are recorded in a smart contract, and low expenses are usage-based, and the DOVU registry allows you to get a feedback on the data you share with you .

The DOVU protocol will allow the data owner to control access to its mobility data while allowing it to obtain the return of shared data. The protocol will also facilitate the creation of many mobile dApps, each of which has different uses and attributes for data sharing.

Dovu Features
Circular Economy
Dovu has repeatedly mentioned his “circular economy”. Basically, this means that Dovu is applying block chain technology, which will change our way of thinking about data and mobility. Whether you are a business or an individual, the blockchain can be used to verify the value of an independent contribution, which means that everyone’s contribution to the mobile ecosystem will be rewarded.

Dove Ecosystem:

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The Dovu platform will include four important components: protocols (how to manage data interchange and data value), DOV tokens (to enable payment within the platform), and the Dovu DApp API market) . The Dovu protocol itself is open source. It helps to develop DApps linked to the mobile. At the same time, DOV tokens are based on Ethereum for transactions in these distributed applications.

The DOV token is the only unit of value on the DOVU platform. Each purchase, sale, exchange or other transaction on the platform will require the use of DOV tokens.

Customers like automakers will pay the owner of the data as DOVU tokens. Data / owners can use tokens for mobile-related transactions, such as car compensation, fuel costs, or the use of other means of transport.

Issued a total of 1.2 billion token. Of the 1.2 billion token, 25% will be used for token sales. Any unsold token will have a lockout period of 2 years.
The token is assigned a helmet set to 85362 ETH and 1 DOV = 0.00032001 ETH

Dovu CoreTeam
DOVU is lead by a strong and highly experienced team, who have started, grown and exited technology companies with similar complexity.

  • Irfon Watkins Founder, CEO 
  • Arwen Smit Co-founder, CMO
  • Krasina Mileva Co-founder, COO & Legal Counsel
  • Alex Morris Head of Product
  • Tom Holder CTO
  • James Guest Head of Blockchain Production

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