Eidoo – Multicurrency Wallet And Hybrid Exchange

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eido - Eidoo - Multicurrency Wallet And Hybrid Exchange

What is EIDOO?

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EIDOO is a new breakthrough in digital asset storage where you can store all your digital assets in one container called Wallet Eidoo. Eidoo Wallet will be in the form of mobile applications that will make it easier for you to store and send your digital assets. The eidoo wallet also comes with a high level of security that allows users to safely store their assets.


With eidoo Application you can control your digital assets in full as it comes with private key usage. In fact, instead of just sending and storing all your digital assets, you can also use the eidoo wallet app for things you have never done before that is a combined exchange with either tokens or other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat transactions.
In the next few months, we will develop hybrid exchange for Ethereal and tokens. Later, we will also design a decentralized exchange for Bitcoin and fiat currencies directly via the Eidoo app (available on iOS and Android), the fact is that users will be able to redeem cryptocurrencies, while those funds never leave the real wallet. We define it as “hybrid” because it inherits the features of a centralized and decentralized exchange. (eidioo)

EIDOO Future



Ethereum, Bitcoin and all the ERC20 tokens are stored with a single backup passphrase No full node required thanks to light architecture. Private keys managed by the user and encrypted on the device High Security Level thanks to Eidoo’s Recovery Tool


  • As safe as a decentralized exchange, as fast as a centralized one
  • The exchange manager does not have any access to the user accounts
  • The user enjoys a trading experience with some of the most competitive
  • fees on the market.Atomic swap feature: cross-trading amongst different cryptocurrencies with a technologically consistent outcome for both parties
     Eidoo will facilitate spending and using the value represented by cryptocurrencies and tokens, linking one or more debit cards to the Wallet through a simple and straightforward
interface.The amount of the expenditure made in fiat will be charged on your wallet at the time of the spending

EIDOO Roadmap

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Eidoo Opens Token Sales

They have announced that they will be selling tokens on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. The sale of this eidoo token is completely different from the current project. Eidoo is one company that has products already launched before token sales. So you can review whether the eidoo product is really worthy as a container for your digital asset storage.
When you download the eidoo app, then you can also directly contribute in the sales of their current tokens. Token used by eidoo is a secure Ethereal based token this is a standard token ERC-20. Here are the details of the eidoo token sales.
ICO Eidoo Details :
  • Eidoo Wallet Project Name
  • Token Eidoo Name
  • EDO symbol
  • Start ICO October 4, 2017
  • End of ICO October 16, 2017
  • Token Number 100,000,000 EDO Token
  • Total Sales Token 20,000,000 EDO Token
  • Price Token 1 ETH = 130 EDO or $ 2.30 / EDO
  • Ethereum Purchasing Method
Basically token sales will be completed on October 16, 2017, but if the 20 million tokens have been exhausted then the ICO will end. If there is a token that has not been sold then the token will be burned.
Cryptocurrencies have the ability to eliminate intermediaries in the commerce of goods, allowing users to save transaction fees. In order to boost this commerce, EIDOO going to develop a Decentralized Market. To participate in the Token sale it is sufficient to follow these steps:
  • Download the Eidoo app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store;
  • Deposit the quantity of Ethereum that you desire in your new Eidoo wallet;
  • When the campaign will be active click on the button “Join Eidoo Token sale!”;
  • Choose the quantity of Ethereum you want to transfer; there is no minimum buy amount in order to participate in the Token sale;
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Token sale;
  • Confirm your transfer;
  • Look inside your wallet and you will find your EDO (after the transaction will be confirmed).

Team Eidoo

    MARCO POLCI CTO & Co-Founder
    AMELIA TOMASICCHIO Community Manager
    ELEONORA CORTI Information Architect
BHB Network’s developers, partners, and contractors (name and position in the project of internal BHB developers, partners, and external contractors will be published as soon as possible, with a detailed description).
    MARCO POLCI Software Engineer
    FRANCESCO STRAZZULLO Frontend Engineer
    FRANCESCO TASSI Software Engineer
    PIETRO CAMPAGNANO Software Engineer
    RICCARDO FRANCONI Software Engineer
    CARLA SOLOPERTO Frontend Developer
    DANIELE LUCONI Frontend Developer
    PAOLO REBUFFO Advisor & Co-Founder


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