“Ethereum Price Will Touch $ 15000 by the end of 2018” said by Alexis Ohanian (Reddit CO-Funder)

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Screenshot 11 1 - "Ethereum Price Will Touch $ 15000 by the end of 2018" said by Alexis Ohanian (Reddit CO-Funder)
The cryptocurrency market is currently filled with bullish forecasts, and market analysts such as Thomas Lee predict that bitcoin will grow significantly by the end of this year. Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Vanian recently joined the ranks of supporters as Encryption bullish, predicting that revenge will reach the $15,000 price point by the end of 2018.
In a recent interview with Fortune, Ohanian elaborated on his reasons for resigning from Reddit in February of this year, focusing on initializing capital, an early venture capital firm Y-combination was established with former partner Gary Tan.
During the interview process Ohanian shared the idea of ​​the current state of the blockchain sector, Blockchain pointed out that although many projects are “just hype and BS,” the future of the Internet relies on distributed technology ledgers:

“Most of the really important, protocol-level infrastructure around software and blockchain will need to be built in the next year or two as we really see what Web 3.0 we really want. These are what I think can be different The type of foundation laid for the better Internet.”

Ohanian’s venture capital firm, Initialized Capital, has invested heavily in the blockchain field. It is worth noting that the company recently invested $2.1 million in decentralized ERC20 token exchange DDEX, which focuses on security.
Ohanian holds an aggressive stance toward cryptocurrency – when asked how high he thinks Bitcoin prices will rise, Ohanian stated that he predicts encryption and the price will go “to the moon,” stating:

“I still have a little bitcoin and I think it will still be a valuable store. I am most optimistic about Ethereum just because people are building it… At the end of the year, Bitcoin will be at $20,000. Ethereum It will be $15,000. Great, now if I’m wrong, people can call me “

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