GOLD – The First Digital Asset Backed up by Physical Gold

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Screenshot 13 - GOLD - The First Digital Asset Backed up by Physical GoldGold is a medium of exchange that has been accepted by almost all human civilizations since the days of the previous kingdom of the kingdom, even before Christ. gold has been used as a medium of exchange. and tools to cultivate wealth. Gold is a medium of exchange that has the most stable value among the medium of exchange ever discovered by humans.

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Since the beginning of civilization where gold was used as a medium of exchange, the value of gold when compared to staple food, and the goods available were very stable, or even 0 inflation.

For example, according to historians 1400 years ago the price of 1 goat = 1 gold coin (weight 4.25 grams), and the current price of goats is also not far from that.

this is not the case in any paper currency, where its value continues to decline.

But apart from the excess of gold, gold as a medium of exchange but surely has gradually disappeared from circulation, all replaced with banknotes that were originally GUARANTEED with GOLD, but now there is no gold Currency behind it as collateral for each printing of these banknotes. and the Money printing authority is Central Bank. where the central bank can print as much money as they want.

Time passed Then Digital Currency emerged, digital currency was initially a form of “resistance” to the centralized system of the Bank and the monopoly of bankers to print money, distribute wealth and the right to own their own wealth.

digital currency is growing and there are so many digital currencies that number more than hundreds and the number continues to grow both with their own blockchain, as well as token-based.

due to very high price volatility in digital currency, so we need a “store of value”

“Store of value” is Gold

GOLD tokens are a solution, where digital assets that are backed up with Physical Gold are stored in a very secure and auditable amount.
where 1 GOLD ERC20 token = 1 Gram physical Gold
Each GOLD token is 100% backed by physical gold stored in secure vault. Amount of physical gold stored can be verified at any time.


SECURELY STORE AND MAKE PAYMENTS IN GOLDkey 127x300 - GOLD - The First Digital Asset Backed up by Physical Gold

  • Gold has been used to preserve wealth throughout thousands of years.
    The stability of gold’s long-term purchasing power is unprecedented and superior to any fiat currency.
  • GOLD Ethereum-based ERC20 token is a convenient and instant way to store, buy, sell or transfer investment grade gold.
  • GOLD token is exactly what you need to purchase gold and store it digitally with complete anonymity and guaranteed protection of your assets from high volatility and loss of value.



This is neither an ICO nor an IEO, but the Company has invested their money to buy 7200 grams of physical GOLD.

and Digital Gold team is happy to report that the first 7,200 GOLD tokens have been successfully minted in the value of 7,200 gold grams


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