ICO -Zabercoin An Asset Backed Cryptocurrency

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The success of bitcoin gave birth to thousands of his followers. on a daily basis there area unit new crypto-currencies. several of them area unit a sort of cash for a slim niche, whereas others eliminate the important issues that area unit at bitcoin itself. “Nothing provided”, “not having intrinsic value”, “not having a true price” – such characteristics of bitcoin is detected from its critics. And currently Zabercoin has appeared, the worth of which can be supported by assets within the sort of property.
Zaberkoin is an active crypto currency. Therefore, with Zaberkoin, we are trying to solve this problem by combining blockchain technology with investments in physical assets, such as real estate and profitable companies, more specifically located in emerging markets, and profit growth remains profitable. The growth potential remains high. Zaberkoin limits the risk of falling risk and has a minimum price since its inception. Each Zabercoin marker will be backed by a profitable property such as real estate, which makes this crypto currency unique and sustainable, with healthy repeat income re-invested to ensure future growth, research and development. These tokens will be available and converted through exchanges to ensure liquidity.
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ZABERCOIN as a crypto currency

Crypto-currency with collateral
Zabercoin are going to be supported by assets within the kind of assets, existing within the globe. The coin is formed on the premise of the ethereum protocol, has the marking ZAB. every coin can represent variety of sq. meters of assets. And it’s a worth and in edict currencies the least bit times.
The development team can in person move through southern Africa to shop for assets there. Zabercoin can pay dividends to those that invest in it.
Initially, the transfer of land, buildings or a part of the flats for tokens are going to be recorded solely within the stronghold. Later, there could also be AN choice to acquire real certificates for its possession. The platform are going to be a totally responsible, clear assets register system wherever you’ll be able to obtain, sell sq. meters or entire buildings.
Smart contracts can contain complete information: from checking the standing of assets to taking into consideration the chain of its homeowners. Over time, Zabercoin tokens are often wont to rent flats, houses, edifice rooms round the world.
Zabercoin is pleased with a really sturdy and dynamic team of managers with over a hundred years of expertise in quality management. Cryptocurrencies essentially and transform the ways that of banking, eliminating the artificial and artificial barriers caused by obsolete money establishments. Thus, crypto-isolation, as well as Zaberkoin, allows:
  • Nominal dealing fees and interval compared to banking in currencies.
  • Confirmed and reliable payments on a peer-to-peer basis throughout the globe.
  • Ensuring money confidentiality through payments between associate degree alias or white parties. Therefore, each parties use the assumed names for identification functions.
  • Irreversible and permanent transactions to stop refunds and fraud.
  • Reducing most mediator establishments suggests that less pay and larger returns

Zabercoin and its ICO
The ICO process for the Zabercoin token is not yet complete. It started in early December 2017, will be held until January 16, 2018. After the end of the release process, it will appear on several popular exchanges. The HitBTC site is already ready to include it in its list of virtual currencies.


TOTAL Hardcap – US $50 000 000 in ETH equivalent (total for all currencies).  The day before the start of the round, the target is transferred from US$ to ETH at the  current exchange rate and it is put into a smart contract as soft and hardcap.  For example, if the exchange USD/ETH at November 9 is $297, we set:
Softcap : 250 000 / 297 = 842 ETH
Hardcap : 50 000 000 / 297 = 168 350 ETH


Minimum pay 10 ETH.
Permanent 75 %.
Actual finish price, include bonus – 1 ETH = 61,25 ZAB
Minimum pay 0.1 ETH.
Different bonuses, see the table below.
1 ETH = 35 ZAB (0% bonus) to 52,2 ZAB (50% bonus).



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