Newsflash: The Canadian Bitcoin Exchange says ‘hacked’, all funds are run

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Screenshot 8 - Newsflash: The Canadian Bitcoin Exchange says 'hacked', all funds are run

A small bitcoin exchange located in Alberta, Canada has gone offline. Before their Twitter page was offline, Maple Chenz had announced on Twitter that he “did not pay any more to pay back.”

In the explanation manner, the exchange had said about an hour before the removal of its Twitter page that “bug” had enabled “some people” to withdraw all funds on the exchange. Educated readers may remember a time when Mount. Goose claimed similar problems. The management of two cases by their administrators was dramatically different. In the case of Mount, goose, efforts were made to repair the damage, although they resulted in a bad loss. They had gone to tamper with near-nudity of bitcoin value in an effort to replenish lost customer funds before meeting any person.

Screenshot 8 - Newsflash: The Canadian Bitcoin Exchange says 'hacked', all funds are run

There were less than 2,000 followers in the Twitter account of MapleChange.

On the contrary, the coinage has more than 1 million followers on Twitter, and the less known altcoin exchange is approximately 100,000 in C-CX. To summarize, Cryptobonds are usually highly active on Twitter, and there is a semi-decent way of judging the popularity of a product or service in the viewer space on that platform.

Expert, Client Fear Scam Fear

maplechange bitcoin exchange hack - Newsflash: The Canadian Bitcoin Exchange says 'hacked', all funds are run

It’s been a while since we were able to report on a good old fashion exit scam. In crypto space, we have seen them mainly in gambling, dark web and exchanges. The recipe is basic: collect the trust of some customers, get all your money in one place, and run with the money. It really does not make any difference with the method by which you run away from money, whether you claim a hack or just over and disappear. At least (today’s) practice is exactly the same as the old knowledge of keeping some coins away from the exchanges and the like of the night. You never know what’s going to happen next, and in cryptocurrency, if you do not have your own private key, then you have nothing. This is just the nature of the thing.

Unfortunately, MapleChange “Hack” has all the signs of the exit scam.

For beginners, the exchange does not have to completely remove or completely disappear their social media pages. There is no question that it is in debt to many depositors, thankfully a small number, but there are such things in business, and this is for insurance or bankruptcy courts.

The short period of time is another indication between the announcement of “bug” and the total disappearing of the exchange or its operators.

A domain registered in Godadi is suspected by “Flavius P”. Most business operations go for some time to be above board, especially those who are able to handle other people’s money.

The time of the problem is another important factor in estimating whether it is not a hack or bug, but rather a detailed, predetermined scam. As you can see from recent traffic figures from, they were doing most of the business in recent weeks in the last week. If they are guilty of fraud, then they hit early on Sunday morning when they expected most customers to sleep.


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