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The popularity of MMO has grown tremendously in recent years, many successful companies have gained a lot of subscribers to MMO games, and a lot of money is circulating in the game but must be purchased or exchanged items required in the game with fiat currency outside the game and all game assets in the container into one centralized server. this is where Parsec Frontiers captures the opportunity space to provide a new experience for MMO game enthusiasts.

Parsec Frontiers are made with stunning, space-themed gravis, where players can explore and conquer entire galaxies. Parsec Frontiers is an MMO Game that adopts Blockchain technology, where the Game is created with Player and is owned by Player, It will revolutionize how Industry Game is growing and being funded.

About the game

Parsec Frontiers is an MMO Strategy Game. Background after the destruction of the earth, mankind began to explore the galaxy and seek to rebuild civilization. An infinite journey to explore the Milky Way Galaxy alone. But in many ways, Player will be faster to grow if in cooperation with other Player.

Player will experience a great experience in playing this game where Player will be able to develop new world together, upgrade technology and develop colony or federation, and fight to increase the glory. and equally important the Player can extract raw materials from the exploratory planets, and all the material is recorded in Blockchain and can be traded to other players.
so Player will be able to build a mutual asset that can be melted into a real asset, so that will build the player’s involvement with fun and profitable. Parsec Frontiers is not just about adopting blockchain games, but more than that with Parsec Frontiers Player can make money through games that are played, so gamers not only have fun but can also earn money from games.


Management :
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Advisor : 
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Core developer: 
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The crowdsale starts on April 27th 14: 00UTC
Tokens are called PARSEC (PRSC) tokens, and they are made especially for the use of this project. ETH is the currency which is accepted in this project. There will be total of 30,856,775,800 PRSC tokens in circulation.
Token Allocation:
• 60% Pre-Sale and crowdsale
• 14% Buffer to foundation
• 10% Advisors & partners
• 10% Developers
• 5% Bounty
• 1% Airdrop

Business Inside by Cryptoshowoff 

  1. Parsec Frontiers team is a very experienced game developer.
  2. Different from MMO games that do not use blockchain where all the virtual assets you have in the game is a company property and can be manipulated by the company. then in Parsec Frontiers, all virtual assets in the game are recorded in blockchain so it is more transparent.
  3. In-game virtual asset items can only be traded with PARSEC tokens, thereby increasing the value of the PARSEC token itself. Increasing value is of great interest both by players and Investors.


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ETH : 0x6eA0005d4ad47503Cce9B0185dE0585fB37a6db9

Parsec Frontiers Whitepaper :

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