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phi - PHI Token - Platform for Hybrid Investment
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As it is known, that according to the circulation of money in cryptocurrency is increasing very high as this is driven by the rise of new emerging projects and increased trust and increased adoption of cryptocurrency,  for that token PHI comes as an answer, to provide convenience for investors

About PHI token

Platform for Hybrid Investment (PHI) aims to create the first platform for investors who want increase investment diversification,  so investors can invest in traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and also cryptocurrency investments on one interface.
The advantages of PHI token
  1. One Interface for all investment
  2. Investors or User can see the track record of the manager form PHI platform, so Investors can assess the performance of each manager so it can provide a favourable return rate for the Investor or user.
  3. The PHI token platform is used by managers via the application form and is used by users or investor to pay 30% of discounted services if they have been paid for PHI instead of other currencies.
  4. The PHI platform will allow you to choose different managers or advisors, select multiple banks, which give a full overview of current financial instruments, including digital currencies.
  5. Another difference in the use of encryption or blocking of projects is to improve transparency and security in the financial area and use of the PHI in order to reduce distribution costs; so the PHI tag is linked to a business model that is only part-time in an encrypted investment, and this feature provides greater stability for the project itself.

PHI Asset Management Platform

The hybrid investment platform combines many of these assets, allowing asset managers, asset managers, and financial planners to open one or more management channels to help their clients, but also not being pursued by Financial Planner and investing money. They use the only platform, which enables professional investments even in developing countries. Asset class Crypto assets through financial products associated with this instrument.
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Digital platform completely will be the core of this project, because it is really innovative in the business model, the full opening up to some bank deposit, some asset managers and therefore management styles, some financial advisors, almost completed financial instruments from around the world, In short, 360-degree platform that is truly able to satisfy the needs of retail and consumer HNWIs not only, but also to meet the needs of institutional clients can distribute their assets, by using highly competitive from hundreds of different asset Manager choose. Costs. the ability to abort and change on a day, not a month. Its operation is described in the infographic.

Road Maps

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How to Participate on ICO PHI token

To participate in PHI Token ICO, you must first check ICO Engine. If you have already registered your KYC on ICO Engine, you do not need to repeat it. In fact, this KYC process will be the same for all ICOs that organize by Eidoo and for all Eidoo services without time limits. This means that you will need to complete this KYC process only once. For to participate on PHI Token ICOwill require level 1 only for any amount. After completing the KYC process, you must download the Eidoo application to send the ETH to the PHI marker command.
Please note: Chinese and US citizens will not be able to join the ICO.


  • Held exclusively by Eidoo, the PHI token pre-ICO will start on March 3th at 8 a.m. CET 2018, and it will end on March 8th at 8 a.m. or when the pre-ICO hard cap of 3,524,578 PHI will be reached.
  • For the pre-ICO, the PHI token price will be 1,27824$ (21% discount compared to ICO price).


  • Then, on March 8th at 1 p.m., the Phi Token ICO will start with a price of $1,61803.
  • It will last until March 13rd or when the ICO hard cap of 1’493542 PHI will be reached.

PHI token Official Link :

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