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Being a trader who makes a profit is very easy, but being a trader with consistent profit is very difficult, many beginner traders who generate fantastic profits in one day and to lose all profit and capital in the day after. it takes experience, intuition and depth of analysis and refinement of techniques to become a professional trader who can generate consistent profit and that can take a long time.
but Investors and fund owners want to develop their assets here and now, one effective way to overcome the above obstacles is to become ‘copy and mirror trading’.Copy trading and mirror enables traders in the financial markets to automatically copy positions opened and managed by a selected investor, the context of a social trading network.  mirror trading method allows traders in financial markets to select a trading strategy and to automatically “mirror” the trades executed by the selected strategies in the trader’s brokerage account.
But now new problems arise, which is difficult to choose which traders will be followed, whether the trader to be followed is a professional trader or newbie trader with lucky beginner
this is where Scrinium provides a solution to the problem

About Scrinium

Scrinium is a decentralised funding technology. based totally on performance evaluation of tens of millions of buyers around the world, it alternatives the maximum suitable and regular buyers and automatically creates an investment portfolio healthy for every private investor.

What problem are we solving


  • The knowledge and analytic skills required for trading was hard to keep up with.
  • Copy trading presented a user with significant level of risk and investment loss and didn’t guarantee profits.
  • Several intermediaries participating and centralised trading schemes resulted in low profit from archaic forms of investment.
With the advent of blockchain era, Scrinium found an answer. It uses a complicated but transparent algorithm to examine a trader overall performance and then automatically creates a portfolio of various
trader around the world for the investor.
From then on, all of the investors have to do is to decide on the profitability and risk ranges is ready to accept. based on the profitability/risk ratio, Scrinium will automatically pick out the best and the maximum suitable traders and create a funding portfolio. After that, the investor will begin gaining profit straight away and routinely.
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Scrinium does not depend upon which markets, exchanges or even brokers the trader works with, it is simply independent and transparent for all contributors.

Win – Win Solution

Scrinium reinvents portfolio investment in a way that is a 100% beneficial for all market participants. Every party involved receives significant profits from using Scrinium.
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Investor benefits
  • AI-created portfolio
  • Ease of use and setup
  • Token value grows with time making it a valuable asset
  • Automatic payouts
  • Non-binding contract so you can quit anytime without additional costs
  • Transparency and security


Trader benefits


  • Immense choice of markets, platforms and exchanges to trade with
  • Trader rewards paid out automatically
  • Using Scrincoins as internal currency makes the token value grow, so the rewards you get will grow in time
  • No middlemen involved


LP/Broker/Exchange benefits


  • Significant increase in trading volumes
  • Significant increase in capital investment
  • Media coverage when integrating with Scrinium


Scrinium Initial Coin Offering 

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Pre ICO  (Closed)
  • Date: 11/12/17 – 11/01/18
  • Amount: 18 000 000 SCR
  • Bonus : 30%
  • Date: 11/02/18 – 11/03/18
  • Amount: 28 000 000 SCR (Unsold token will be burned)
  • Bonus: 20% 1st week, 15% 2nd week, 10% 3nd week


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Scrinium Official Link :

ETH : 0x6eA0005d4ad47503Cce9B0185dE0585fB37a6db9


Scrinium Whitepaper

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