Verge (XVG) – Debit cards issued by Weg Bank can send it to moon!

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verge xvg - Verge (XVG) - Debit cards issued by Weg Bank can send it to moon!

Anyone holding Verge (XVG) today is probably feeling like they are holding a bag that will never amount to anything. However, this could actually be one of the best assets to hold in the long-run. That’s because according to the TokenPay CEO, TokenPay is now fully in control of Weg bank, which means that they could possibly issue Verge debit cards. This is a big deal for Verge (XVG) and could see its use case grow all across the world.


To understand how big of a deal this is for Verge (XVG), you need to understand the reason why most cryptos have a hard time growing in value. Most cryptos are having a hard time because not many people are using them. Actually, this is the problem of the crypto market in general. As such, Verge currency is way ahead of the curve if it were to be used on every day debit cards. Imagine a scenario where you can just walk into a supermarket and pay using a Verge debit card? Big deal, right? This could see the value of this crypto skyrocket because it would be introducing crypto to everyday Joe, who has no idea what crypto is all about. Instead of bombarding such people with technical terms about cryptocurrencies, Verge currency would give them something they understand, and introduce them to blockchain technology.

verge xvg - Verge (XVG) - Debit cards issued by Weg Bank can send it to moon!

There is a huge incentive why people would adopt the Verge debit card, and that’s privacy. At the moment, lots of people all across the world are concerned about online privacy. That’s why public outcry has led to the implementation of tough privacy laws in most jurisdictions all across the world. In essence, a verge debit card just needs to be marketed as a payment tool that also gives the user a high level of privacy over their transactions. If such a campaign were to be launched across the world, Verge (XVG) could easily be adopted by millions of users in a few days. People love things new things that can improve their lives. That’s why when WeChat launched in China with the idea of sending money through an app, they gained millions of users in one day.


Of course this will reward investors too since the more Verge gets used, the more its intrinsic value grows. That’s why holding on to Verge at the moment is a good idea, even though its price is pretty beat up. One just needs to understand that the factors that caused Verge to drop are temporary. For instance, the issue of security vulnerabilities that have plagued Verge (XVG) can be resolved. The developers just need to relook at the code and create better security measures. On top of that, the PornHub partnership that disappointed most investors will be overtaken by events, once the Verge debit card goes live. No one will even remember it. That’s the beauty of the markets. Sentiment changes over time, but good fundamentals only strengthen the underlying asset, and give it more value. That’s what will happen to Verge currency. Its fundamental value will grow over time. It won’t be surprising if it hits $1 in the future.


Seng Mangan
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