WePower Uniting Blockchain with Green Energy

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wepower - WePower Uniting Blockchain with Green Energy
Screenshot 6 - WePower Uniting Blockchain with Green Energy
It is undeniable that the energy needs will continue to increase in the future, according to investopedia.com the need for energy will increase as much as 40% in the next 20 years. this is due to the rising human population and Industrial growth. so far we are very dependent on fossil energy such as coal, oil, or gas.
this causes CO2 emissions and greatly impacts climate change and global warming, and Green Energy is the answer to reducing our dependence on Energy Fossil.
However it takes a long time perhaps more than a decade so we can actually use green energy globally.
If Green Energy is the answer and solution to climate change and global warming, then why is the growth of investment in the green energy sector is still very small, even according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BENF1) total investment tends to decline in 2016 reaching 242 Billion US or decreased by 23% from the previous year. it  happens because many factors are:
  1. Very high The initial investment required to operate in the Green Energy sector requires a long-term rate of return.
  2. There are still many middleman in this sector that bridge between producers and consumers that cause the cost of green energy is more expensive than fossil energy.
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WePower brings solutions to these problems so that a more environmentally friendly Green Energy adoption process will happen more quickly.

WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform.

WePower Platform Innovatively unites investors, producers and consumers of green enery in blockhain technology. which offers Win – Win Solution On consumers, Investors and Manufacturers.
in the WePower platform enables energy producers to raise capital by making their own token energy, where the tokens made by energy producers are a manufacturer’s commitment to energy production in the future. as a result energy producers can sell energy directly to consumers and increase their capital either to increase energy production capacity or to create a new factory by selling upfront, of course below market price. Wepower Platform unites all actors in the enery sector market, it can lead to transparency in energy accounting

WePower Token (WPR)

WePower Token holder will get priority for auction to place order on token energy. where the token energy is present between buyers and energy producers.
allocation of token energy varies depending on the amount of WPR that is owned by the investor. moreover investors will get no less than 0.9% of total energy tokens donated by energy producers.
WPR Token Holder may use such energy for its own consumption or sell it on any WePower platform. to learn details please read whitepaper.
And most importantly the WePower Platform is a bridge for new projects in the Green Energy sector that are ready to be funded. in the next 9 months WePower will operate in spain, and going further to germany, italy, greece, and portugal.
So you want to contribute in green energy? do not miss the train.


Seng Mangan
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